Surprise your customers
    ... with excitement ...

    Watch Out video-brochure - not only printed paper. It's your product-video / image-video combined with your individual high end print-design!

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    ... Play ...

    The video-book shows different videos with each browse. Excitement and play! Tell your story with the video-book - realize your ideas with a video in Print solution ...

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    ... and chocolate - if you like it!

    Pack your products innovative or dispatch your message with a gift. WATCH OUT - Individual packaging with videocard! Excitement, play and much more ...

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Pimp your marketing! - Chocolate and pepper?

Over 150.000 sold Watch Out Videocards proof of our success. 

Video-brochures, videobooks, video in folder or video-packaging. Take advantage of the various possibilities this innovative combination of high-end print with individual videos offers!
Surprise with a video in print product - Promotion with emotion, will be kept in mind by your target group...play, excitement and chocolate! We realize your ideas e.g. for product launches, personalized business cards, videobooks to support sales talks or as training tool, videofolder for company presentations, buiness reports or image presentations, etc. The Videocard will become your favorite B2B advertising tool.



NEW IPS Super High Resolution Videocard, hot as chili!

Chili for your marketing. The new videocard with IPS technologie. your video in print products with a pin-sharp quality and sensational colour rendering.




New 360° Multi Touch Point Screen, Videocard with 3D video-view!

Watch this video!






NEU 3" HD-Videocard for business cards, sharper than ever in time!

Pass your competition! Being different makes the differnce and will be kept in mind. Innovative and new  the video-business-cards by Watch Out!


NEU 3" HD-Videocard für Visitenkarten

Contact us. We are looking forward to discuss the various fields of application of those new Watch Out producst with you!


Video-brochure Watch Out with videocard



Your individual video brochure, a folder with integrated videocard from Watch Out. "... unique, exciting, innovative ..." Attract the attention of your customers! Your product- /image- /promotion-video embedded in...


Videobook Watch Out with videocard


Videobook / Videocard

Watch Out videobook with die cut, hardcover, many pages to flip through and videocard. Used for product advertisement, product launches, hotel-/resort-/company-imagepresentations, travel reports ...


Video-packaging Watch Out with videocard



Exciting packaging with videocards! Present your high end products in a different way or dispatch video-messages together with your give-aways , ... be creative and follow your ideas for your individual packaging! Watch Out video-packaging ...


B2B-Marketing, reach your target groups!

Exhibitions - customers will keep you in mind! Provide your partners with videofolders at exhibitions - nobody will throw them away. Moving pictures as reminder of you, your products, your company.

Exhibition stand - low budget equipment that excites! Watch Out video-brochures with touch screen, displays with videocard the perfect alternative to laptops at exhibitions. Excite your customers, let them play.


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Product-presentations simply different! Pictures are rather kept in mind than words – Videobooklets with hardcover for repeated use. Also perfect for product trainings and short video clips explaining products, processes, etc.

Imagepresentations, re-launch your image! Videofolder/videobooks draw a completely new innovative image of your company.

Ask for more information, we will be happy to advise you!