IPS is Chilli for your marketing - sharper, more colorful, more lively!


Hot as chili, the new IPS Super High Resolution Videocard with 1280 x 720 pixels. Pin-sharp and vivid images. This revolutionary Watch Out Videocard raises video in print products to a completely new level of quality!




  • Viewing angle wider and more versatile: No matter from what angle, your pictures. are always displayed crisp.
  • Color rendering and presentation: The parallel arrangement of the pixels creates a vivid, colorful and high-contrast image.
  • Faster reaction time: Higher transmission frequencies increase the display speed. You can see the difference, for example at a personal presentation of the products.

The "STAR WARS Teaser Cinematograph"

The latest product by Swiss artist and retro-stylist Dan Tännler aka Dan Aetherman is the "STAR WARS Teaser Cinematograph".

This machine plays all the trailers of the legendary STAR WARS Saga on a small, very special, LCD screen.



WatchOut supports art

The keyword is recycling - more precisely upcycling. 

"Captain Nemo's Desk Cinematograph"


WatchOut 4 Art, Captain Nemo's Desk Cinematograph

With WatchOut – to award!

WEKA Industrie Medien organized this year for the first time the EVA B2B Event Award.

Around 50 events from Austrian industrial companies, their agencies and NPOs were submitted in 6 categories and 4 special categories.

KONE AG started the successful staging of the customer event "The game has changed" with a WatchOut Videocard as an invitation.