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Autograph video cards - fan merchandising rises to premier league!

Individual messages from stars to fans


Excite your fans with personal video messages and play scenes, up to 10 videos. 4-page printed folder (eg. with logos of sponsors) with original autograph of the sportspeople. More about sports- and event-promotion...  


Selfie card - Hot messages self recorded

Record your personal message for friends or grandparents and dispatch it in an extraordinary designed greeting card. Watch this video!


IPS Videocard with Super High Resolution

Chili for your marketing. The new videocard with IPS technologie. your video in print products with a pin-sharp quality and sensational colour rendering.  Please contact us for any questions!


360° Videocard with 7" Multi-Point Touch-Screen

Touch it - 3D videos with 360° round view. Provides your customers with an impressive deep view into your products. This multi touch-screen presents your products, models, 3D-animations from all perspectives and angles! 




3" HD-Videocard for your business cards

This new size of the Watch Out Videocard has a high resolution. The best way to present yourself, your company and your employess - individually and professionally. You will be kept in mind!