Sport Promotion with video card

This video card boosts the mood ... watch out!
Sports promotion and event promotion, autograph cards.

Find new sponsors or promote events and sportspeople with this fancy advertising medium. The Watch out video card can be used as personalized advertising tool and as merchandising article for your sports association or individually for your sportspeople.

Autograph video cards - delight your fans!

Stars send individual messages to their fans.
This fan merchandising article reaches out for the first league!

Your inventive idea for finding sponsors

Individual presentation of your club/association, for your event or for sportspeople at potential sponsors. Choose your individual print format for the Watch out video card:

  • folder: 4 page-printed folded card with integrated video card, presenting eg videos of the club/association, success stories, exciting scenes of matches or victories ...more about video brochures
  • packaging: the video card can replay up to 10 videos of your eg share events, unique moments and highlights combined with a give away  ...more about video packaging
  • book: the videos supplement the printed book pages, the perfect medium for finding sponsors eg present some history of the club/association/sportspeople combined with the success stories ...more about watch out video books
  • business card: Show your personality! This small card will stay in minds!...more about video business cards  

Any questions concerning print, layout, design? Read more in the FAQs or contact us!

Innovative and unique promotion with the Watch out video card in a folder, a video brochure, a video-book for

  • presentations at sponsors
  • event marketing
  • sports event promotion
  • advertising for clubs/associations
  • merchandising article, fan article
  • individual autograph card

Merchandising article for clubs, associations and sportspeople

The viideo folder, the video brochure can be produced with special printing effects, die-cuts, high end finishing. The video card will be perfectly integrated in the printed format. This fan merchandising article is hot!
Share your success with your fans: victories, scenes of games and goals. Sportspeople record individual messages for their fans. The Watch out video card replays up to 10 different videos. You can even present your sponsor in one of those videos! ...more info about video brochures

Watch out video card details

  • 10 different videos per page respectively per browse
  • Up to 10 Buttons for video- and sound-management (volume, forward/back, etc.)
  • Video activates itself upon opening (magnetic catch), browse or with a start button
  • Play the videos either in an infinite loop or by pushing the button
  • Storage capacity from 256 MB up to 10 GB
  • IPS Display NEW available sizes 3, 5, 7, 10''. Sharp view from all perspectives, sensational colour more
  • or TFT-Display in HD, available sizes 3, 4, 5, 7, 10''

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You don't have a graphics/design-department? You cannot produce your video on your own

Take advantage of our full service: We produce your individual video-brochure: layout, print, video-shoot and production for your videocard, dispatch to your partners - we realize your ideas according to your specifications!