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The keyword is recycling - more precisely upcycling. 

"Captain Nemo's Desk Cinematograph"


WatchOut 4 Art, Captain Nemo's Desk Cinematograph

The Swiss artist and retrofuturist Dan Tännler aka Dan Aetherman designs and builds artwork in the Victorian design.

His creations seemed to be used already in the days of the legendary NAUTILUS of Captain Nemo.

That's what the artist wrote about his artwork and it's development: "A short while ago I found a WatchOut videocard in a recycling container. Besides the fact of a defect battery the videocard worked properly. An immediate inspiration and idea came to my mind what to create with such a video-module. "Captain Nemo's Desk Kinematograph" is my recent artwork. It is made of different antique components of the past 100 years. It's heart is the  WatchOut video-display, run by a small net-adapter."

We will provide Dan Tännler aka Dan Aetherman with used WatchOut videocards for further retrofuturistic and exciting projects. You will find more information about the artist on

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